Corporate Art Jam - Christmas Bauble Faux Calligraphy

15% off -15 pax & above at $23.80 ea
20% off -30 pax & above at $22.40 ea
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A fully guided workshop to paint and complete your very own light up Christmas bauble with a faux calligraphy alphabet.

Materials provided for each participant

  1. 1 x 7cm diameter flat capsule acrylic clear bauble
  2. 1 x 1 meter battery operated LED fairy light (batteries included)
  3. 1 x 20cm ribbon in gold or silver
  4. 1 x floral wrapping paper cut to size in pastel shade

Tools provided during workshop

  1. permanent markers in silver & gold
  2. acrylic paints & brushes
  3. cup of water & kitchen napkin for painting


  1. physical session venue to be provided by client
  2. not available as a virtual workshop

Set-up requirements

  1. projector & screen
  2. microphone (optional)
  3. tables & chairs for participants



Professional slides with clear and concise video demonstrations will be presented during the workshop.

Program Outline - 1hr

5 mins - Workshop introduction to tools and materials

10 mins - Learn how to draw a faux calligraphy alphabet with template provided

10 mins - Learn how to paint a simple wreath design

30 mins - Painting onto the bauble

5 mins - Final assembly of the bauble & adding the LED fairy lights


1-3 depending on group size


Additional Fee

For Physical session - $80 logistics fee per workshop session
Kindly note that this workshop is NOT AVAILABLE as a virtual session.

    Payment details

    An official quotation will be provided in PDF format. 

    For confirmation, a signed quotation will be required as a form of acknowledgement.

    Invoice will be issued after the workshop based on the actual attendance.

    There will be 30-day credit terms if required.

    We are not GST registered.

    E-invoicing on Vendors@gov or GeBiz is available.