Corporate Dreamscape Zen Fountain Workshop

15% off -15 pax & above at $46.75 ea
20% off -30 pax & above at $44.00 ea
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Indulge in tranquility and serenity with our Zen-themed desktop fountain, designed to promote mental wellness.
Bring a touch of calm and harmony to your decor with a miniature artificial bonsai tree crafted from wire and foam flock.
Explore the art of shaping and crafting this one-of-a-kind piece.

Materials provided for each participant

  1. 1 x black faux ceramic plastic bowl of 5cm height, 14cm diameter
  2. 1 x USB water pump
  3. 1 x glass clear globe
  4. 1 x pack of pebbles
  5. 1 x medium sized artificial moss
  6. 1 x thematic figurine
  7. 1 x "make your own" tag
  8. 3 x 50cm black wire
  9. 1 x pack of foam flock
  10. 1 x flat brush for applying glue

Tools provided during workshop

  1. craft glue to share
  2. cutting pliers
  3. tubs of water to test the water pump


  1. additional figurines are available for purchase during the workshop at $1.50-$3 each
  2. click here to view the entire range of figurines


  1. physical session venue to be provided by client
  2. virtual session platform to be determined by client

Set-up requirements

  1. projector & screen
  2. microphone (optional)
  3. tables & chairs for participants



Professional slides with clear and concise video demonstrations will be presented during the workshop.

Program Outline - 1hr 30mins

5 mins - Workshop introduction and care tips

20 mins - Bending the wires to create the trunk & branches of the artificial bonsai tree

35 mins - Attaching foam flock to the branches of the bonsai tree with glue

10 mins - Assembling the fountain

20 mins - Testing of the fountain


1-3 depending on group size


Additional Fee

For Physical session - $80 logistics fee per workshop session
For Virtual session - "Individual Kit Postage" is available, please select option Yes/No when filling in Express Quote Form:
  1. Yes - $6 per pax
    Address template will be provided. Please complete and revert to us 10 days before workshop date.
    Lead time to receive the kit will be 2-4 working days after dispatch.
  2. No - Self Collection/Delivery of all kits to 1 single location - FOC

Payment details

An official quotation will be provided in PDF format. 

For confirmation, a signed quotation will be required as a form of acknowledgement.

Invoice will be issued after the workshop based on the actual attendance.

There will be 30-day credit terms if required.

We are not GST registered.

E-invoicing on Vendors@gov or GeBiz is available.