Art Jam - Pouch DIY kit

Add-on (optional)

Customize your very own pouch by painting what your heart desires!

This draw string pouch helps you to organize small items perfectly.

Once painted, we will recommend spot cleaning only, avoid machine wash.
Hand wash gently if needed and do not rub or soak in water for extended duration.
Do not bleach and wash with diluted soap only. 
Iron on low heat and place a piece of cloth over painted areas when ironing.

Each DIY Kit consists of the following:

1 x 16cm(H) by 12cm(W) canvas draw string pouch

1 x paper plate palette

1 x set of acrylic paint in 10 colors (titanium white, black, vermillion, magenta, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, sap green, viridian, mid yellow & burnt sienna)

1 x acrylic color chart to guide you with mixing colors

2 x standard soft bristle flat brushes in 2 sizes

QR code to access online reference playlist of videos to give you lots of inspiration!