PVC Pipe Lamp DIY Kit

A DIY craft lamp made with PVC pipe and fittings

Each DIY Kit consists of the following:

1 x PVC pipe - long (22cm)

1 x PVC pipe - short (6cm)

1 x PVC 90 deg fitting

1 x PVC socket adaptor fitting

1 x PVC 90 deg bulb holder fitting

1 x PVC base mount fitting

1 x E27 bulb holder

1 x 2 core wire cord with 2pin plug and dimmer switch (250V/110V)

1 x Plywood base with pre-drilled screw holes and laminated surface

1 x LED filament dimmable edison

1 x Pack of screws (x3 pcs) and screwdriver

1 x qr code to access youtube demo tutorials

Safety Information:

Suitable for ages 8 and up with adult supervision

Follow instructions as per video tutorial

Keep workspace dry and take extra caution when handling tools

Make sure wire cord is disconnected from electricity supply when removing bulb or assembling/ dismantling the lamp

Do not open up the dimmer switch or attempt to repair the wire cord without proper knowledge or consultation from a professional

Contact us at for any issues


Other Tips:


Prepare a larger philips screwdriver to make it easier on assembly
You may use acrylic paint or permanent markers to decorate the PVC pipe