Corporate Copper Lamp Workshop

Get hands on! Level up your DIY skills by learning how to build your own industrial-style copper lamp that will brighten up any office desk with a café ambience.

Workshop Details at a Glance



Type of Workshop









Height 41cm, Base 14cm X 17cm



Materials provided


All copper and brass components

1 dimmable Edison bulb

Kapur wood base

Cable with on-cord dimmer







 myo bag

 Non-woven bag provided for each participant



Team Building Option

Additional $2 per pax
for facilitating the game

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Without team building game - 1.5hrs

With team building game - 2hrs

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Workshop size



Maximum 30 pax per session



Trainers & Facilitators








A) At Make Your Own Studio (max 50 pax) –

No additional charges

 B) Self Provide Venue –

Below 20 pax, one-time $80 logistics charge

Above 20 pax - No additional charges






Professional slides with clear and concise steps including video clips will be presented during the session



Set-up requirements


1. Projector

2. Microphone (optional if the venue is small)

3. Tables and chairs


Program Outline
(1.5hrs excluding 30mins set up time before the workshop starts)

10 mins – Introduction to materials and tools

10 mins – Cutting of copper pipe

5 mins – Insulating the cables

30 mins – Preparation of lamp holder and Bending of copper pipe

20 mins – Assembly of lamp including basic wiring

10 mins – Testing of lamp with bulb

5 mins – Photo-taking & packing up


Program Outline (with team-building game)
(2hrs excluding 30mins set up time before the workshop starts

15 mins - Introduction and demonstration part 1

20 mins – Hands on session part 1

10 mins – Demonstration part 2

20 mins – Hands on session part 2

10 mins - Demonstration part 3

20 mins – Hands on session part 3

15 mins – Showcase of completed copper lamps and final evaluation by trainers

**10 mins – Prize presentation (prizes to be provided by the client) and photo-taking

**For the prize presentation, the company can determine how many prizes to give out.

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 Add-on Team Building Game, additional $2 per pax

A team building game can be integrated into the workshop to encourage communication and teamwork. Details of the game are as follows.


“Team Challenge” Details

Objective of the game is to work together as a group to complete all the individual lamps by sharing information and helping each other.


1)     Demonstration of steps by trainer

Participants are split up into groups of equal numbers. During the demonstration session, participants are not allowed to take down any notes. Every team needs to depend on their own group members to remember the steps.


2)     Hands-on session by participants

Participants are to work in groups to complete the copper lamp. Each participant will be working with their own set of materials; however they can only assist their own group members during the process.

Each group will only be given 2 chances to ask the trainers for assistance.


3)     Presentation and Evaluation

Each group will light up and display their completed copper lamps.

The trainers will evaluate which team is the winner based on a set of criteria.


4)  Results

A prize for the winning group can be provided by the client’s company, this is optional.

The last group is required to carry out a forfeit with props provided by the trainer.

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Payment details

An official quotation will be provided in PDF format. 

For confirmation, the quotation needs to be signed as a form of acknowledgement within 14 days from date of issue.

Full payment preferred on workshop day itself by cheque or cash.

Maximum of 30 days credit terms if required.

Invoice will be issued on the workshop day based on the actual attendance.


We are registered with both Vendors@gov and GeBiz and is able to do e-invoicing.


Brief company profile

Established in 2013, Make Your Own was founded to bring a new perspective to the local D.I.Y. culture. 

We aim to create a platform for people to explore their creativity and make products with a character of their own through conducting workshops for corporate groups as well as individuals.

Find out more about us online at


Our Studio

Centrally located at Blk 4 Upper Aljunied Lane #01-06 S(360004) with nearby train stations such as Woodleigh, Tai Seng and Aljunied. Our studio can cater to 50 pax.