GROUP BUY DIY kit - Moss Terrarium (Pop)

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Each DIY Kit includes

  • 1 x knob jar of approx. 18cm height X 10cm diameter
  • 1 x packet of drainage pebble
  • 1 x packet of sphagnum moss
  • 1 x packet of activated charcoal
  • 1 x packet of terrarium mix
  • 2 x tubs of live cushion moss (approx. 8cm diameter)
  • FREE 2 figurines of 1 animal & 1 flower/mushroom (refer to images)
  • FREE 1 pack of decorative color sand (refer to images)
  • 1 x long spoon
  • 1 x wine stopper tool
  • Moss terrarium step by step guide with access to youtube demo videos & care instructions included

Additional figurines can be purchased here.