NPK 8-8-8-10+TE Bio-Plus Organic Fertilizer 1kg

Made from organic plant-based material and coffee powder. NPK 8-8-8-10 Bio-Plus Organic Compound Fertilizer contains nutrients required for healthy overall plant growth. In addition, it contains humates to balance pH levels of the soil as well as conditioning the soil. It also helps stimulate root growth, fruiting and leaf growth in crops, ornamental plants, landscape plants and fruit trees.


Directions of Use:
Sprinkle approximately 1 teaspoon of fertilizer onto the soil of small potted plants (1-2 tablespoons for large pots, 2-4 tablespoons for trees) once every 2-3 weeks, water immediately after to start absorption by the plants.

Nitrogen (N) - 8%
Phosphorous (P) - 8%
Potassium (K) - 8%
Magnesium (MgO) - 2%
Humate - 10%

Suitable for use with edible plants.