Sanrio Fairy Light Frame Step by Step Guide

Let's start creating your very own character fairy light frame. Follow through the step below.


Step 01 - Paint the canvas

With the flat brush, apply paint from the tub directly to the canvas. Remember to paint the sides of the canvas as well. 


Step 02 - Uncoil the fairy lights

Carefully uncoil the fairy lights until you get it to be straight.
Handle with care and do not pull.


Step 03 - Bend fairy lights into half

Bend the length of the fairy lights into half. (exclude the battery holder portion that does not have any fairy lights)


Step 04 - Twist the fairy lights

Then twist the fairy lights together to combine.


Step 05 - Attach the fairy lights to the template 

Select 1 character template.
Start from the center base line of the character template, leave the battery box and transparent part of the fairy light below.
Coil the entire wired string part of the fairy lights around the outline of the character template.


Step 06 - Bend the wires into U-shape pins

Bend the 2 included short wires into U-shape pins.


Step 07 - Add the template to the canvas

Make sure that your painted canvas is dry. 
Use the 2 U-shape pins to attach the character template to the painted canvas.


Step 08 - Light up & enjoy!