Floral Monogram Frame Step by Step Guide

Enjoy a therapeutic workshop session by creating your very own monogram with beautiful pressed flowers.
Watch through all the videos in sequence first before starting on this project.

floral monogram frame step by step guide 

What are pressed flowers?

  • Pressed flowers are real flowers with their petals & leaves flattened
  • The process of pressing omits light & extrudes moisture, helping to preserve the colour & shape of the flowers.
  • Dye can also be added to enhance the colours
  • Fresh flowers represent life & beauty while preserved flowers such as pressed flowers represent everlasting love, longevity & immortality
  • With proper care, the shelf life of pressed flowers can last up to several years or even decades 

Step 01 - Creating the Template


Step 02 - Arranging the Flowers


Step 03 - Glueing the Flowers


Step 04 - Final Assembly



floral monogram frame