Floral Mini Jars Step by Step Guide

Enjoy a fulfilling time decorating 2 mini glass jars with pressed flowers. These glass jars are perfect for tealight candles or hold stationeries & makeup brushes.
Watch through all the videos in sequence first before starting on this project.

floral mini jars singapore workshop activity 

What are pressed flowers?

  • Pressed flowers are real flowers with their petals & leaves flattened
  • The process of pressing omits light & extrudes moisture, helping to preserve the colour & shape of the flowers.
  • Dye can also be added to enhance the colours
  • Fresh flowers represent life & beauty while preserved flowers such as pressed flowers represent everlasting love, longevity & immortality
  • With proper care, the shelf life of pressed flowers can last up to several years or even decades 

Step 01 - Arranging the Flowers


Step 02 - Glueing the Flowers


Step 03 - Applying sealant