Floral Capsule Step by Step Guide

Let's learn the basics of korean style bouquet wrapping with dried flowers by completing this mini bouquet.
Watch through all the videos in sequence first before starting on this project.

floral capsule step by step guide 

Dried Flowers

Each DIY kit comes with 4 types of dried flowers. Flower types & color combinations may be different from below but will be kept similar in shape & size.

dried flowers


You can customize the signage by writing on it with a ballpoint pen or fine tip permanent marker. If you are using a marker or ink based pen, be careful not to touch the surface before the ink dries to prevent smudges.

floralscape signage


Step 01 - Arranging the Flowers


Step 02 - Wrapping Flowers Part I


Step 02 - Wrapping Flowers Part II


Step 02 - Wrapping Flowers Part III


Step 03 - Final Assembly