Faux Calligraphy Floral Pouch Step by Step Guide

Let's learn how to create faux calligraphy lettering & draw a floral wreath.
Watch through all the videos in sequence first before starting on this project.

faux calligraphy floral pouch step by step 

Step 01 - Thick and Thin Strokes


Step 02 - Drawing Leaves


drawing leaves


Step 03 - Drawing Simple Flowers


drawing simple flowers


Step 04 - Drawing Roses


drawing roses


Step 05 - Faux Lettering on Pouch

 faux calligraphy template uppercase

faux calligraphy template lowercase

Step 06 - Floral Wreath on Pouch


Step 07 - Ironing the Pouch

Use medium heat to iron the pouch after drawing to set the colors. After ironing, the colors are permanent and you can wash the pouch. 

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