Art Jam Guide - Tote Bag & Pouch

Before We Begin

Watch through these tips before beginning.


Our Painting Tips

We have put together some great tips for beginners on how to use simple brush strokes to paint lavenders, pine trees, & more. You're welcome to paint along with the video on a piece of paper.

01 - Color Swatches and Blending Colors


02 - Brush Strokes using the Flat Brush


03 - Brush Strokes using the Liner Brush


04 - Painting Lavenders

art jam tote bag painting sample

05 - Painting Pine Trees


06 - Painting Leaves


06 - Painting a Sunflower

art jam tote bag painting sample

Videos for Inspiration

Here are 25 easy to follow step by step acrylic painting videos by some of our favourite YouTube artists.
Click on the "Playlist" button on the top right hand corner to toggle between the videos.


Acrylic Color Chart

Use this color chart to help you with color mixing.

acrylic paint color chart 3ml


Inspiration Gallery

Get inspired by browsing through this list of beautiful artworks we have put together for you.