Art Jam Christmas Bear

Create special Christmas keepsakes by painting your own pair of bear ornaments.
Watch through all the videos in sequence before starting.

art jam christmas bear


Below are 3 design ideas, you can also design & paint your own!
I have ranked them according to difficulty level, basically the more details you have for a design, the more difficult it will be.
Try to keep your designs simple.

TIPS: Do not add water to the paint, dry your brush on a napkin after washing to avoid mixing water into the tubs of paint.

Design 01 - Snowman (difficulty ☆)

 design 01 snowman

Design 2 - Reindeer (difficulty ☆)

  Design 2 reindeer

Design 03 - Santa (difficulty ☆)

The approach for the Santa design is the same as the other 2 designs.

Take note to apply the base paint in sections, start with the brown parts by mixing brown + beige (1st image below), paint 2 layers of this brown.

Blow dry the brown sections.

Next, paint the red sections, take note to leave out the parts that are going to be white.

Lastly, paint in the white parts of the hat & clothes, also paint in the grey boots.

Add face and clothes details at the end after blow drying the base paint.

Design 3 Santa