Art Jam - Acrylic Pour Step by Step Guide

Let's learn how to create a satisfying & fun piece of abstract art with acrylic pouring!
Watch through all the videos in sequence first before starting on this project.

acrylic pour diy kit singapore 

01 - Before We Begin...


02 - Preparation


You do not have to use all the paints provided. 
Choose a min of 3-4 colors but not more than 5 colors.
As a rule of thumb, have enough paint to fill up the plastic cup provided will do.

For 20cm by 20cm canvas use either one of the following
OPTION 1 - 1 x big tub + 2 x small tubs
OPTION 2 - 4 x small tubs

For 30cm by 30cm canvas, use either one of the following
OPTION 1 - 2 x big tubs + 4 x small tubs
OPTION 2 - 3 x big tubs + 2 x small tubs


03 - Color Tips


04 - Technique 1 - Dirty Cup Pour


When using the dirty cup pour technique, pour in either one of the 3 patterns as shown below to cover the canvas with the cup of paint.

You want to have a uniform line of action as much as possible.

pour pattern 1

Avoid crisscrossing when pouring as this will create a messy pattern forming on the canvas. pour pattern 2

05 - Technique 2 - Flip Cup


Inspiration Gallery

acrylic pour inspiration gallery