Acrylic Pour (20cm X 20cm canvas) DIY kit

Combination (refer to images 3-10)

There are 4 color schemes to choose from for this DIY kit.
Please note that colors & sample artworks only serve as a guide and may not be accurate representations of the actual color of the paint.
Final artworks will also differ due to the unpredictable nature of acrylic pour.

Each DIY Kit consists of the following:

1 x canvas size 20cm by 20cm

1 x plastic cup (120ml)

1 x set of ready-to-pour acrylic paint with silicone oil added in selected color combination of 4 colors, refer to images 3-10 
Consists of 3 x 60ml tubs & 1 x 30ml tub

1 x cardboard corner tool

1 x ice cream stick

QR code to access online step by step video guide


There is no min. age limit, however young children will need parent(s) to guide along.