Makers' Reunion


What is Maker's Reunion?

Makers' Reunion is a platform for Singapore Makers to come together and share their passion of creating.
We want to provide an affordable space for Makers to conduct workshops and sharing sessions.


Want to host workshops & need a space?

We have just the space for Makers! Make Your Own Workshop Cafe sits up to 28 pax per workshop session with ample space for crafting.


Is it affordable?

Usage of our space will be chargeable by per pax as below.


$10 per pax
for first 2 hours

$5 per pax for
subsequent 30mins



$25 per pax
for first 4 hours

$5 per pax for
subsequent 30mins


Maker(s) will be given extra 30mins to set up before workshop starts & 30mins to wrap up at the end.


Is there a minimum number of participants for each workshop session?

No there isn't. However, do let us know how many participants you are targeting for each workshop session so that we can reserve the tables accordingly.
In the event that less than the targeted number turn up, Makers only pay based on the signed up attendance.


What else is included?

*Free listing of workshops on our website which enables participants **to sign up online. Click for Sample listing here

 Free posting of workshops on Make Your Own Facebook and Instagram.


*We will charge a minimal 5% administration fee, updates on the sign up rate will be provided. Makers can still accept sign ups through their own platform/means.
**Note that signing up through our online platform requires payment to be made via Bank transter or Paypal. 


Are weekends and public holidays available?

Yes weekends and public holidays will be available as well. Just check with us the availability and reserve the date with as at least 4 weeks in advance. 


How to join?

Drop us an email at if you would like to express interest.

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